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Hi! I'm Terry J. Aman, and I'm a media packrat. In 2017, I finished transferring hundreds of VHS tapes with material dating back to the 1980s onto 2,500+ discs. Now I'm in the process of finding out what's on all of these things. Welcome to VideoFuzzy, which is both a blog listing the material I'm finding on these discs, and a podcast highlighting the progress I'm making cataloging my VHS-to-DVD transfers, my direct-to-DVD recordings, and commentary on what I've been watching.

Apr 28, 2019

Hi! My name is Terry J. Aman and this installment marks my 46th episode of "VideoFuzzy," my twice-monthly progress report on cataloging now more than 2,800 VHS transfers and digital recordings. In this installment, titled "Podcast by the NUMB3RS," I put a shoulder into a third season episode of "NUMB3RS" and talk about it for my Friday Night Feature.

In Cross Connections, I trace connections from "NUMB3RS," "Fear Itself," "Boston Legal," "Happy!" "Grizzly Bear Stakeout" and "Polar Bear Family and Me."

M&M's Addams FamilyIn the VHS-to-DVD transfers I talk about for my Classic Collection, I found episodes of "Commander in Chief," "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," "Monty Python's Flying Circus," an altogether ooky frame from an M&Ms commercial with the M&Ms dressed as The Addams Family, and music videos by The All American Rejects, The Killers, Lady Sovereign, Paris Hilton and Fergie.

In Crowdsourcing, I need some help with a "Shakespeare for Complete Idiots" sketch from MADtv featuring Josh Meyers. I'm looking for help identifying his co-star in that sketch in Crowdsourcing Exhibit F, with screencaps here.

In my direct-to-DVD Current Collection, I bring in episodes of "BoJack Horseman," "Will & Grace," "Miracle Workers," "Grey's Anatomy," "Fosse Verdon," "Happy!" "Supernatural," "Halt and Catch Fire" and "The Polar Bear Family and Me." The fourth season finale of "The Magicians" was absolutely fantastic, including "Houses" by Great Northern, that song here. I caught the series premiere of "A Discovery of Witches" and I caught a couple of movies: Taraji P. Henson in "Hidden Figures" and Peter Sellers in "Being There."

Shoutouts to David Dean Bottrell's "Working Actor" and Voices of Deconversion's second anniversary -- congratulations! I got a correction, and in Upcoming Shows I'm looking forward to seeing "Avengers: Endgame," a local production of "Noises Off!" and series resumes of "Luther" and "Pose." Happy viewing!