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Hi! I'm Terry J. Aman, and I'm a media packrat. In 2017, I finished transferring hundreds of VHS tapes with material dating back to the 1980s onto 2,500+ discs. Now I'm in the process of finding out what's on all of these things. Welcome to VideoFuzzy, which is both a blog listing the material I'm finding on these discs, and a podcast highlighting the progress I'm making cataloging my VHS-to-DVD transfers, my direct-to-DVD recordings, and commentary on what I've been watching.


My name is Terry J. Aman, and I'm a media packrat. Until about 2012, I'd been recording media to VHS tapes — mostly comedy, science, crime and mystery TV series, comprising hundreds of VHS tapes. In the spring of 2017, I completed the process of transferring all of those VHS tapes to nearly 2,600 DVDs, and since then have archived hundreds of direct-to-DVD recordings as well.

Now I'm busy working on figuring out what's on all of these things. I've been cataloging my classic VHS-to-DVD collection, my current direct-to-DVD collection, and commentary on my current viewing. Every month or thereabouts I update my blog with fresh catalog listings of what I've found so far, and put together a podcast highlighting significant finds.

So welcome to VideoFuzzy, my blog and affiliated podcast project, sifting my basket of media memories. Enjoy!


VideoFuzzy Top 10

If you're just getting into this project and want to get a good sense of it without listening to my entire back catalog, these 10 are a great place to start:

Episode 10 - "A Deep Dive on a Minor Milestone": I explore the first couple hundred Classic Collection discs cataloged prior to my starting this podcast.

Episode 19 - "Celebrating Special Guests": I open this podcast's exploration of cross-connections through my collection.

Episode 20 - "What's a VideoFuzzy?": I touch on the origins of this podcast and my intentions for it.

Episode 30 - "Exploring Filtered Lives": A conversation with a dear friend takes me back to the origins of my VHS collection itself.

Episode 42 - "Life, This Podcast and Everything": I feature the pilot episode of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," which is emerging as a mystical center of my media collection.

Episode 43 - "Studio Six Feet Under": I feature the pilot episode of "Six Feet Under," another show with claims of mystical centrality within my media collection.

Episode 50 - "Ruddy Clip Show": Along with the regular episode, I include a look back at the first 50 episodes of this podcast, complete with audio clips.

Episode 56 - "Embrace the Deception": I explore the seasons of "Psych" that aired during the Dark Ages for this project, including "Psych: The Musical."

Episode 59 - "VideoFuzzy at the Movies: 'Knives Out'": My stand-alone review of "Knives Out," which I argue is the best movie ever made.

Episode 68 - "Pretty Good Year": There are many aspects of this project that are by their nature autobiographical, and along with media reviews and discussion, this episode touches on several.